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Unlike other modules, the blog content module is not made up of a single tag, but rather a combination of conditional logic and for loops. If statements are used to customize your markup based on whether you are looking a a single post or listing layout. For loops are used to iterate through your content and list different selections of posts.

The following article will explain the standard markup of a HubSpot blog content module, as well as describe a few simple customizations. You can see the complete markup of a standard HubSpot blog content module at the bottom of this page.

If is_listing_view statement

Standard HubSpot blog content areas are created with a master if statement that evaluates whether the user is looking at a listing or a individual post. If you are using a drag and drop template builder template, this if statement is built into the UI of blog content module buttons.

Blog content module

If you are coding an HTML blog template and are using a single template for both your post and listing layouts, then you need to define this if statement. Within the if statement, you will write both your post and listing code.